Basketball Shooting Robot That Almost Never Misses

RamsBot is a basketball shooting robot that is capable of scoring baskets from almost anywhere on the offensive end of the court, specializing in shots from the free throw and three point lines, as well all the way back to half court. It was created in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Dean’s Office to showcase Ryerson, and engineering as a whole to the general public. So far it has been on national television, at professional basketball games, as well as STEM events all over the city.
In early months of 2015 R3 was approached by the Faculty of Engineering about creating a basketball shooting robot to showcase Ryerson in the celebration of National Engineering Month. With a hard deadline of February 27th (a major Raptors game against the top team in the division), the team feverishly worked to prototype, design, fabricate, and test the robot.  
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​​In 6 weeks of intense development every subsystem was designed, redesigned and then manufactured and developed to perfection so that the big reveal would appear effortless. Despite schoolwork, midterm exams, and delayed parts the team was able to showcase RamsBot to an amazed audience at the ACC prior to the game, sinking its very first shot, and registering an over 90% shot success rate on the court. It impressed the media so much that it’s been featured on the Discovery Channel as well as several publications.

Looking Ahead

RamsBot continues to be an integral part of R3 culture, and is showcased at countless events throughout the year promoting Ryerson, STEM education, and R3 to the world. 

You can follow RamsBot on it's official Twitter.​​​

​-Feroz Balsara